Options for Customizing Row Filters

As described in Customizing Row Filters, a row filter is a set of criteria applied to a view to show a subset of the records. Part of these criteria is whether the row filter triggers alerts, notifications, and changes to health ratings. Ultrasound provides a number of predefined row filters that trigger alerts, notifications, and health changes, and these row filters work well for most small and medium organizations. If you want to customize row filters, you can do so by opening the Row Filter Editor dialog box, where you have a number of options:

Modify the row filter and add comments

On the General tab, you can modify the filter and add comments. For more information, see Row Filter Syntax and To customize an existing row filter.

Enable or customize alerts

On the Alert tab, you can do the following:

For information about enabling or modifying alerts on existing row filters, see To customize an existing row filter.

Enable health metrics

Some row filters allow you to create new or modify existing health metrics that are used to determine the health rating of an object. Health metrics are enabled on the Health Metrics tab. For more information about customizing health metrics, see Customizing Health Metrics.