Customizing Health Metrics

Ultrasound provides default health metrics that work well for most small and medium organizations. If you want to fine-tune existing health metrics to better match conditions in your organization, you should be familiar with issues regarding FRS, Active Directory, and network connectivity that are common or expected in your organization.

You customize health metrics by using the Advanced tab in the Workspace pane. Health metrics can be configured to indicate health ratings for the following objects:

You create or customize health metrics for these objects by using a procedure similar to customizing row filters. You select a view in the Advanced tab, which displays the row filters for a selected view, and then add or customize a row filter. However, not all row filters can have health metrics. To determine whether a row filter can have health metrics, perform the following procedure:

  1. In the Advanced tab, click the view for which you want to create or customize health metrics.
  2. Click the button next to the Columns drop-down list. (You might have to minimize the Alerts pane to see this.)
  3. In the Column Sets dialog box, click Add.
  4. Determine whether any of the objects in the following table are listed under Available columns. If they are, you can create or customize health metrics for the row filter.

Objects That Can Be Assigned Health Metrics

If the view contains this column name… You can assign a health metric to this object
ReplicaSetID Replica set
InboundMemberID Member
OutboundMemberID Member
MemberID Member
InboundConnectionID Inbound connection
OutboundConnectionID Outbound connection

To customize or create health metrics, see To customize health metrics for an object and To create new health metrics for an object.