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Thinstall does not support 100% of applications and in some cases application functionality may be degraded.
Before attempting a major application, it is often useful to check Thintalk, our online discussion forum to find out what experience others have had with the same application. Most people only post to Thintalk when they have problems, so if you don't find any information there is a good chance the application is compatible with Thinstall. Thinstall engineers address many compatibility issues with each new version, so it's a good idea to try out the latest version if you run into problems.

Some known limitations are listed below.

Device Drivers
Applications that require device drivers will not work when packaged with Thinstall, unless those device drivers are natively installed on the host PC. For this reason Antivirus, VPN clients, personal firewalls, and disk/volume mounting-related utilities are usually not good candidates to be Thinstalled. In addition, applications that make their functionality available by inserting a fake or real printer driver will lose such functionality when Thinstalled.

Some applications may have reduced functionality when Thinstalled because they are no longer integrated with other applications on the system. For example, applications that provide shell-integration will lose this functionality.

Network visible DCOM services
Because Thinstall isolates COM and DCOM from the outside world, applications that install network accessible DCOM services will only be accessible on the local PC by other Thinstalled applications running in the same sandbox. Thinstall supports virtual DCOM and COM on the same PC; it is only network DCOM that is affected.

Plugins and Addins
A different strategy for deplolying and using Plugins and Addins should be considered since Thinstalled applications are isolated from other components on the PC.

Global Hook DLLs
Some applications use the API function SetWindowsHookEx to inject a DLL into all processes on the host PC. The injected DLL can intercept windows messages. This has been used to steal or spy on keyboard and mouse input from other applications. Thinstall will silently ignore requests made by applications trying to install Global Hook dlls via SetWindowsHookEx.