To add a logon for a host/mainframe application

  1. In the New Logon dialog box, select the Mainframe option.

  2. Type the Application Name of the target application and (optionally) a Description.

  3. Click [Next>]. The New Logon dialog appears requesting credentials.

Enter your credentials

  1. Type the Username/ID for the Web site, type the Password, and retype the password in Confirm Password. You can display the password by clicking [Reveal].
  2. Do one of the following:

  3. Click [Finish]. TAM E-SSO returns you to the Logon Manager, which now lists the logon you've just created.

  4. If the setting is available, select Add another set of credentials, then click [Finish] . TAM E-SSO adds the logon to the Logon Manager and re-displays the New Logon dialog box.