To add a logon for a Windows application

Select an application

  1. In the New Logon dialog box, select the Windows option and select an application from the drop-down list box. If the application you want to add is not listed, see To configure a logon for an unlisted Windows application.

  2. Click [Next>]. The New Logon dialog appears requesting credentials.

Enter your credentials

  1. Type your Username/ID for the application, type your Password, and retype your password in Confirm Password. You can display the password by clicking [Reveal].

Note: Depending on the requirements of the application you're setting up, you may be prompted for additional fields, such as Domain Name for Microsoft Outlook. Similarly, some applications may not require a username/ID. In such cases, the Username/ID box will be grayed out.

  1. Do one of the following:



If you are adding a new logon for an existing application that is part of a password group, select Exclude from password sharing group. If this is the first logon you have created for this application, leave this check box unselected. See Applications that share credentials.