Logon Properties dialog box

The Logon Properties dialog box lets you modify account information or automatic behavior for individual logons. You can



If you change a logon password, the next time you open the Logon Properties dialog for the logon, the Restore Previous Password button appears. This gives you have the option of reverting to the password used before the most recent change.

To turn Auto Prompt on or off for all logons, use the Auto Prompt option in the Passwords tab of the Settings dialog.

To turn Auto-Recognize on or off for all logons, use the Auto-Recognize option in the Logons tab of the Settings dialog.

To modify a logon's properties

  1. In the Logon Manager, highlight an application logon from the list, then click [Properties]. The Properties dialog box for the selected application appears.

Tip: If the application logon is displayed in grey text, this message appears when you click [Properties]:

Credential corresponds to an application that is not currently configured in TAM E-SSO.

See Credentials without a configured logon for more information.

  1. Modify the displayed information as needed.

  2. When you have completed your changes, click [OK].