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Exploring Accounts
Access Explorer allows you to explore access information for accounts you add to the Accounts tab. When you drill-down on an account, a new tab opens showing each computer on which the account has explicit permissions to some resources. From the list of computers, you can drill-down to see in which groups (permissioned accounts) the account is a member and is given explicit permissions to resources through. From the list of permissioned accounts, you can drill-down to see the resources (files, folders, and shares) on which the account has explicit permissions.
You can choose to drill-down on a single tab by double-clicking an item or you can choose to view the information on separate tabs, which preserves the information as you drill-down. Choose whichever method works best for you.
To drill-down on an account or computer
– OR – 
When you drill-down on an account, you may see a warning. Before the list of resources and permissions display, Access Explorer performs a pre-check based on the System Configuration | Access Explorer Settings | Maximum Record Setting value. see Setting Maximum Record Display. If that value is not defined, the warning displays if the number of files or folders exceeds 50,000. You can choose to continue, cancel, or apply a filter to reduce the number of files/folders that display. For more information, see Filtering the Resource List.