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Introducing Quest Reporter : Setting Up Scheduled Collections : Creating a Scheduled Collection : Reporter Data Collectors (RDCs)

Reporter Data Collectors (RDCs)
The RDC ensures that the scheduled collection runs and that the network objects and information are stored to the database.
RDCs can collect information from domains (Active Directory or Windows NT) or object sets. If a domain is selected, all objects of the required type for the collection (such as users) are enumerated.
Each time that the RDC gathers information on an object, such as the object’s full name, it collects that information on all users in the selected domains. This may be time consuming depending on the number of users in the selected domain. Use object sets to limit the number of objects from which to collect information or to collect information only on specific objects. For more information, see Using Object Sets to Organize Network Objects.
When you upgrade to a newer version of Reporter, you must also upgrade your RDCs. For more information, refer to your Quest Installation and Deployment Guide.