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Introducing Quest Reporter : Creating and Using Object Sets : Using Object Sets to Organize Network Objects

Using Object Sets to Organize Network Objects
Object sets are collections of objects that are of particular interest to a system administrator. They are created for data collection and report generation and can be used over and over. Object sets should contain objects of the same category.
You can use object sets to target only the network information that you want, as the focus of an object set is only on the objects defined in it. You can also create object sets to be used offline, where the reporting is done using previously collected data stored in the database.
To give you an idea of how beneficial object sets can be, consider the following scenario. Suppose you, as an administrator, are typically responsible for a specific aspect of your organization’s network. For example, Admin 1 is responsible for the Research and Development department in Chicago. This encompasses all users, groups, and computers that are part of this department.
Rather than collecting data from the entire domain that contains these objects, it is more efficient to create an object set that contains only this subset of network information. Information gathered and reports generated against this object set only show information that is relevant to Admin 1.