About Web client tasks

The attester uses the Response Assessment Web client to answer the questionnaire. The attester can create or modify a profile in the MyProfile page. In the Home page, the attester can view the assigned questionnaires. Each page is a separate question. The attester can reset an answer. The attester can save the response and resume answering the questionnaire at a later time. The attester can view the properties of a question. The attester can view all of the questions or only the unanswered questions. The attester can view a graph that represents the percentage of answered questions. The attester can add comments and make recommendations. The responses are saved in an XMLR file in a Microsoft SQL Server database.

With the appropriate permissions to the Users section of Administration, the attester can perform various tasks. The attester can search for a user using the email address, edit the profile, delete a user, view the responses, and view the activity log.

The following tasks can be accomplished in the Web client: