Submitting support documents

The questionnaire author can request that you submit documents to support your answer. You can attach up to three files and three URLs. The questionnaire author makes the decision to request documents.

The size of the file must be larger than 0 (zero) bytes. The default maximum size for the file is 8 MB. With the appropriate permissions, you can edit the Web client Web.config file to modify the maximum size.

You can attach the following types of documents:

To submit support documents

  1. In the Web client, select a questionnaire.

  2. In the questionnaire, answer the question.

  3. Select Support Documents.

  4. Provide the document location, select Browse.

  5. Provide the URL, if needed. You can type or cut and paste the URL.

    The URL is not verified.

  6. When you have finished, select Attach.

More Information

Viewing support documents