Configuring attributes

To configure the attributes, or properties, of an action, select the action in the canvas. Once the action has focus, a green frame will highlight the action's icon, and its attributes will be displayed in the Attributes panel.

The Attributes panel includes two tabs for configuring attributes: Common Settings and Advanced.

The Common Settings tab includes the most common attributes for the action you are configuring, along with corresponding buttons, text boxes, and/or dropdown boxes. With some of the actions, however, some of the required options are located on the Advanced tab.

For additional configuration options, use the Advanced tab. To edit a specific attribute, click on the row you want to change the value for. You will then be able to type a value into the row, or click a button to browse and select the intended value or setting for the attribute. If you are typing a device name (instead of browsing and selecting), it is recommended that you include the fully qualified domain name.

The Validation results panel identifies any actions with missing or incorrect attributes. To have Process Manager check the workflow for any missing or incorrect attributes, click the green checkmark icon. Process Manager will verify all currently-defined attributes and list any issues needing resolution. To make a change or correction, double-click the error description. This opens the Attributes panel for the first attribute that needs fixing. After making the necessary changes, you can use the provided buttons to move quickly to the first, previous, next, or last action in the workflow. You can also type a number and press Enter to move through the actions in sequence.

Each action has a unique set of attributes. For information on specific attributes, see the Help topic for that action. Actions are grouped in the following categories:

If you have installed separate process integration modules, they will have their own sets of specific actions and corresponding attributes.