Setting Pocket PC identification variables

To automatically integrate Pocket PC handheld devices into the Configuration Database, you may have to set the Device ID and the Owner Name variables on the device.   

Identification Variables



Serial Number

To find the serial number, run ping.exe  which is located in the Symantec LiveState installation directory on the device.

Default path is Program Files\Symantec\LiveState\

Device ID

Can be set by the user, or by autointegration.  Will be displayed in the Command Center and Web Admin as the device's Display Name

Owner Name

Can be set manually by the user, or by autointegrating the device.


Values Set by Autointegrating the Device

Corresponding Value in
Symantec LiveState Configuration Database

Value set
if you autointegrate

Host Name

<serial number>

Note: If the serial number is not found, autointegrate uses the device ID.

Display Name


Note: If the Owner Name is not found, the value that was used for the host name is used for the owner name.

Computer ID


Hardware Address


IP Address, starting with 0 (zero)


To set the device ID:

  1. On the device, open Settings.

  2. Click the System tab.

  3. Click About.

  4. Click the Device ID tab.

  5. Edit the Device name field.

To set the owner name:

  1. On the Pocket PC device, open Settings.

  2. Click the Personal tab.

  3. Click Owner Information.

  4. Edit the Name field.