Reports Overview

In WhatsUp Gold, reports are used to monitor and display historical data that has been collected during the operation of WhatsUp. Once configured, these reports can help you troubleshoot problem areas on your network and allow easy access to important network information.

Reports are viewed from the WhatsUp Gold Reports tab and can be sent on a regular basis to an email address you identify through the Recurring Report feature. Reports configured and viewed from Report View are fully-functioning reports. Mini-versions of these reports, or workspace reports, are available for display purposes in WhatsUp Gold Workspaces.

WhatsUp Gold provides report types and categories to help organize the simultaneous monitoring of your network.

From the WhatsUp Gold console, you can access full reports by clicking the Reports Console Reports Button button on the console toolbar.

Reports Overview Page

Report Types

There are three report types:

Report Categories

Report categories can be further broken down into three specific categories:

Printing, Exporting, and Saving Reports

All reports can be printed and many can be exported into text or Microsoft Excel. For either the print or export functions to work, Client Side JavaScript must be enabled.

Reports can be saved as .html files for later review.

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