About the NetBackup Client Job Tracker

The NetBackup Client Job Tracker reports on the status of server-directed or user-directed client operations. The job tracker runs as a background process from the system tray. The job tracker only reports on the operations that occur after the job tracker is started.

For backups, the job tracker does not update the status after the job is sent to the NetBackup server. Once the client sends the data to be backed up to the server, the job tracker reports the backup status as successful. If an error occurs on the server that causes the backup to fail, the error is not reported to the job tracker.

If the client is shut down or restarted, the NetBackup Client Job Tracker closes and must be restarted.

See Starting the NetBackup Client Job Tracker.

You can also monitor the status of an operation in the View Status dialog box.

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View Status dialog box