Client Inventory resources

You can access and maintain the Client Inventory via the Symantec Ghost Console. The Client Inventory resources are stored under the Inventory folder, and in the Dynamic Machine Groups folder. You can also view client inventory information via the Machine Groups folder.

The Inventory folder contains the following subfolders:

Stores the collected data sets that define the properties that are collected and stored in the inventory database. You specify the WMI classes that you want to collect from the client computers, and can assign user-friendly names to classes and properties. By default all properties in a class are collected, but you can disable any properties that you don't want.

Managing collected data sets

Stores the filters that you use for querying the Inventory database. A filter contains a list of conditions, which may be linked by And or Or statements. Each condition specifies a single property and a corresponding restriction. When you apply a filter to a computer group, the result is the names of all the computers in the group that match the filter conditions.

Creating and maintaining filters

Stores the reports that you use for retrieving detailed information for computers that match a specific filter. A report typically contains a filter and a view, and is applied to a particular computer group. The output of a report is the list of computers that match the filter conditions and, for each computer, the properties specified in the view. You can view reports on screen, print them, and save them as text files.

Creating and running reports

Stores the views that you use for displaying property data. A view is the list of properties that is displayed when the view is applied to a computer group. Applying views is an efficient way of selecting and displaying the properties you are interested in. For example, you may want to set up views containing groups of related properties (such as software, hardware, or network) and apply them each time you want to view those properties for a computer group.

Viewing inventory information

The other folders that are used by the client inventory are:

Stores all the computers known to the Console, and the computer groups that you have set up. You can see inventory information for individual computers, in the Properties window. You can also specify the views associated with each computer in a computer group.

Setting the common Inventory view for computer groups

Viewing inventory information for client computers

Stores the dynamic machine groups that you have set up. A dynamic machine group is the result of a filter applied to a computer group, and contains the computers in the target group that match the filter conditions. Each dynamic machine group is treated as a virtual computer group, and can be used as the target of a task.

Setting up dynamic machine groups