Creating and maintaining filters

A filter is a query that searches the Inventory database and returns all the records that match the specified property conditions. You can set up filters to search for the combination of properties you want. You can also set up filters to return all the records that do not match the filter conditions.

Note: You can only use properties that are enabled in the collected data sets. Disabled properties are not available. If you want to use any, you need to enable them in the collected data set first.

Setting up collected data set properties

The Filter folder stores all the available filters. You can create new filters to suit your requirements, and can edit, copy or delete existing filters.

You can use filters in reports, to select the computers in a computer group that have particular property values. You can also use filters in dynamic machine groups, to set up virtual computer groups that contain the computers that match the filter conditions.

Creating reports

Creating dynamic machine groups

Note: A set of pre-defined filters is provided. These are examples that illustrate the use of a filter. You can modify them to suit your requirements.