Viewing inventory information

You can view the inventory information you want for client computers or computer groups by selecting pre-defined views. A view is essentially a collection of properties that you want to display.

You would typically set up a view as a group of related properties that you're interested in. For example, the Hardware view may include information such as the make and model of the client computer, its physical memory, processor speed and number and size of its hard drives. The Software view may include the operating system, versions of installed software, and any patches applied. The Networking view may include the IP and MAC addresses, Domain membership and the DNS server to which the computer is connected.

You can use views in reports, to obtain inventory information for the computers in a computer group. You can also use views to customize the information shown in the Inventory tab in the Properties window for client computers.

Creating reports

Setting the common Inventory view for computer groups

Setting the default Inventory views for new client computers

Viewing inventory information for client computers

Note: A set of pre-defined views is provided. These contain groups of properties that are commonly used. You can modify them to suit your requirements.