Setting properties for a subnet

The Network folder contains all the client computers detected by the Symantec Ghost Console, grouped by subnet. If necessary, you can set the properties for each subnet. You may want to do this to work around the limitations of a particular subnet.

By default, all client computers in each subnet use the default properties set in the Symantec Ghost Console. The settings you make for a subnet override the default values but, in turn, may be overridden by the settings for a particular client computer or task.

You can set the following properties for each subnet:

This overrides the default client heartbeat interval, but is overridden by the setting for individual client computers.

Setting the default client heartbeat interval

Setting the client computer heartbeat interval

You can set default data throughput limits, and set limits for each task. If the limits are set in two or more places, the lowest limit is used.

You can set the default data transfer, and set the data transfer mode for each task.

Setting the default data transfer properties

Setting network properties

For more information on controlling the amount of network bandwidth used, see the Symantec Ghost Reference Guide.

To set properties for a subnet