Setting the default data transfer properties

The default data transfer properties determine the data throughput limits and data transfer mode for the entire network. These defaults apply to all subnets and all tasks, unless specifically overridden by the settings for a subnet or a task.

Setting properties for a subnet

Setting network properties

You can set the following default data transfer properties:

You can control how much network bandwidth is used when transferring image files (in a Clone task) and data files (in a Transfer Files task) across the network. By using this functionality, you avoid overloading the network with GhostCasting traffic.

You can set data throughput limits for each subnet, and for each task. The lowest limit is used in each case.

For more information on controlling the amount of network bandwidth used, see the Symantec Ghost Reference Guide.

You can set the data transfer mode depending on your network hardware setup. Used in conjunction with the network bandwidth limits, you can optimize the way in which image files, data files, and AI packages are transferred over your network.

You can set the data transfer mode for each subnet and for each task. The subnet setting overrides the default, and the task setting overrides both the subnet and default.

Table 2-5 lists the data transfer modes that you can select.

Table 2-5 Data transfer modes
Transfer mode
Deployment to a single client
Simultaneous deployment of an image file or data files to many computers
Direct broadcast
Selective deployment based on direct broadcast for subnet

For more information on data transfer modes, see the Symantec Ghost Reference Guide.

To set the default data transfer parameters