About the Review pane

The Review pane lets you review and mark the items in a review set. The pane is divided into the following areas:

Header area

The header area provides options for customizing the view and selecting different items to display.

Maximizes the Review pane by hiding the button bar across the top of the Compliance Accelerator window. Click the button again to restore the button bar.

Lets you view the items that you have copied to a research folder for further investigation.

Lets you perform a search that is based on the currently selected item.

Sets your preferences for the Review pane.


Lets you hide or change the position of the Reading pane and set the size of the text to display in it.


Shows the number of items in the list that you have yet to review.


Shows the Compliance Accelerator ID of the highlighted item. If you know the ID of an item that you want to review, type it here and then press the Enter key to display the item.


Groups the items in the list by date, author, subject, or the action with which the Enterprise Vault Automatic Classification Engine has tagged them. Display or hide the items in a group by clicking the down-arrow or up-arrow button at the left.


In lists where you have chosen not to group the items, lets you sort the items by date, author, subject, or policy action.

Downloads the current item in its original form and opens it in the appropriate application. You can also download an item by right-clicking the item and then clicking View original.

Sends the current item for printing.


Shows the mark that is assigned to the current item.


Shows the status of the current item.

Filter pane

The filter pane provides a large number of criteria by which you can filter the items in the list. The number next to each filter option shows the number of matching items that Compliance Accelerator will add to the item list when you apply the selected filters.

Item list

The item list shows the items in the review set that match the filter options you have selected. Unreviewed items display in bold text.

Reading pane

The tabs at the bottom of the Reading pane have the following functions:


Displays an HTML preview of the current item.


Shows the comments that reviewers have assigned to the current item.


Displays the comment and audit history of the current item.


Displays a printable version of the current item.

Footer area

The footer area provides facilities for navigating from one item to another and applying marks and comments to those items.

Displays the first page of items for review.

Displays the previous page of items for review. Pressing the key sequence Alt+z performs the same function.

n of m

Shows the number of the currently displayed page and the total number of pages. To go to a particular page, type its number in the box and then press Enter.

Displays the next page of items for review. Pressing the key sequence Alt+x performs the same function.

Displays the last page of items for review.


Applies the required mark to the selected items.

You can mark several items at once if you have Apply Bulk Review Action permission.

If displayed, lets a compliance supervisor mark an item as having being appraised.

If displayed, lets you assign the selected items to one or more escalation reviewers for further audit and review.

If displayed, lets you delete one or more items from the review set.

If displayed, lets you commit to the review set either the selected items or all the items in the research folder for other reviewers to see.

If displayed, lets you select a folder in which to copy either the selected items or all the items in the current review set.


If displayed, lets you assign an escalated item to another escalation reviewer.


If displayed, lets you close an escalated item once you have finished work on it. A closed item is still visible to other escalation reviewers, but they can only perform actions on it if a department reviewer re-escalates the item.


Lets you type a comment to add to the selected items.

In the item list, the comment indicator symbol in the Comment Present column indicates that one or more comments have been added to the items.

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