Editing the monitoring policy for employees and groups

You can define the percentage of items that Compliance Accelerator should capture for each employee and add to the review set each day. If you monitor different types of items (Microsoft Exchange, Domino, instant message, Bloomberg, and fax), you can set a percentage for each type. For Exchange and Domino items, you can also set percentages on the items that travel in a particular direction (internal, external outbound, or external inbound).

You must have the Assign % Review permission to edit the monitoring policy for an employee. By default, users with the department role of Rule Admin have this permission.

Note the following:

To edit the monitoring policy for an employee or group

  1. Click the Departments tab in the Compliance Accelerator client.

  2. In the Departments pane at the left, click the required department.

    If Compliance Accelerator lists a lot of departments, you can filter the list with the fields at the top of the pane. As well as filtering the departments by name, you can choose whether to list any exception employees, folders, and reviewers that are associated with them.

  3. Click the Monitored Employees tab.

  4. Click the employee or group for which you want to amend the monitoring policy.

  5. Enter the required details in the Monitoring Policy pane at the right.

  6. Check Ignore Department cap if you do not want the cap limit for the department to apply to the employee or group.

    The cap limit applies only to the items that you capture with the Journaling Connector. The items that you find when you conduct searches are unaffected. Similarly, the limit does not apply to the items that the Automatic Classification Engine has tagged for inclusion in the review set.

  7. Click Save.

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