Populating Groups

The way groups are populated depends on the type of group and the rules that determine its members. For example, members of a query group are those computers that satisfy the query criteria.

After you have created a computer group, you must populate it with the desired computers.  The type of computer group you are populating will determine how you gather a list of computers that you can add to the group.

To populate groups with computers:

  1. Right-click the configuration and Open to Manage.

  2. Expand Groups to display the group you wish to populate.

  3. Select the group name, then right click the name and choose Reports.

Type of Group

Populated by....

Static Group

Dragging computers from All Static Computers item to the Static Group you want to populate.

Query Group

Dragging a query into the group. To see the resultant members, run the report "Resultant Members".

DS Link Group

In the Directory Services browser, navigate to the item you want and drag the item into the DS Link Group.

Summation Group

Drag other groups into the Summation Group.


  1. Drag the desired computers from the list in the Result pane to the group in the Scope pane.