Running a Report

To list the contents of objects in Enterprise Manager, you can use Report Manager to:

To display Report Manager and run a report:

  1. Click to select the object for which you want to run a report.

  2. Right-click the object and choose Reports.

  3. In the Report Manager, choose the report you want to generate.

  4. Click Generate Report.

Results appear in the Enterprise Manager's result pane. Move the Report Manager window to view the results.

Managed computers appear blue.

Unmanaged computers appear grey.

Warning: If you close the Report Manager, the results will disappear from the result pane.

  1. Optionally, you can edit the report filter. To apply the filter to the report results, click Filter Report.

Note: If you have more than one Report Manager displayed, you must click the Generate Report button to show the report contents.

Filtering Reports

Buttons on the Report Manager let you filter the results of a report.

You can edit the filter either before or after you run a report.

Filter Button


Edit Report Filter

Displays the report filter for you to edit. Specify the characteristic that the filter should match.

The type of item on which you are running the report, and the type of report, determine which items you can specify with the filter.

Any changes you make to the filter remain in effect for the specific report you selected, on the specific item you selected, until you log off the Enterprise Manager session. Other reports that use the same filter are not affected.

For example, the Desired State Jobs Report Filter is used by the following reports:

  • Desired State Apply/Remove Jobs

  • Desired State Apply Jobs

  • Desired State Remove Jobs

For example, the Acme group has Policy XYZ applied. The administrator selects the report "Desired State Apply Jobs" and edits the report filter. These filter edits do not apply to the reports Desired State Remove Jobs or Desired State Apply/Remove Jobs for the Acme group's Policy XYZ.

To save the edits you made to the filter, click Save Report Filter.

Filter Report

Button is active after you generate a report.

Applies the current filter.



Exporting Reports

After you run a report, buttons on the Report Manager let you export the report contents in the following ways:

Navigating in a Report

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