Viewing Directory Service Data

To view computers and/or users in the directory service items, you run a report on the item.

To view Directory Service data:

  1. Right-click the configuration and Open to Manage.

  2. Expand Directories.  

The Directory Browser connection you already made appears.

  1. Expand the directory service item you want to view.

  2. Click the object to select it. Then right-click and choose Reports.

  3. Run the desired report.

Do Not Run Reports on Certain Items

Certain items under a Directory Service browser will not yield any results if you run a report on them, regardless of whether they actually contain data. Do not run reports on certain items that display under a Directory Service browser. These include:

You can prevent these types of items from appearing in the list of items in the browser.

To suppress the appearance of items:

  1. Open the appropriate configuration to Manage, and expand the configuration.

  2. Expand the Directories item.

  3. Click the Directory Service browser name, then right-click and choose Attributes.

  4. In the Attributes dialog, click the DS Filter tab.

  5. For List Of Objects To Exclude, provide a comma-separated list of the items that you do not want displayed. Use the names as they appear (before you suppress their appearance) in the Enterprise Manager interface, under the browser item.

For example: LostAndFound,ForeignSecurityPrinciples