Connecting to a Directory Service

During the installation of the Enterprise Manager Master Server, you had the opportunity to configure your connection. If you did not do so at that time, you can configure it from the Enterprise Manager console using this procedure.   

To connect to a directory service:

  1. Right-click the <Configuration-Name> and Open to Manage.

  2. Expand the configuration.

  3. Right click Directories and choose Add New Directory Browser.

  4. Right-click the NewDirectoryBrowser and choose Attributes.

The Attributes for the Directory Service dialog contains three tabs:




Specify the name and optional description of the directory browser

Directory Services Logon

Provide information about the directory service to which you are connecting:

  • Name of the Directory Service

  • IP Address of the Directory Service's domain controller

  • Base DN - the base domain name in Distinguished Name format

  • username defined in the directory service, in Distinguished Name format

  • password for connecting to the directory service. Appears as a series of asterisks

DS Filters

Sets filters for the types of items to include or exclude from reports that are run on data pointed to by the directory browser.

  • Include Containers - default is No. Containers are items that are shown as folders in Active Directory

  • Include Groups - for directory service groups. Default is No.

  • Include unmanaged computers - those computers that are not managed by Symantec LiveState Delivery. Default is No.

  • Exclude Managed Computers excludes computers that are managed by Symantec LiveState Delivery. Default is No: all managed computers are included.

  • List of Objects to Exclude - a comma-separated list of directory services objects that will not be included in the Enterprise Manager console.