Workflow properties

The Workflow properties dialog box gives you quick access to useful information and settings for the selected workflow. You can use it to quickly check the current settings, change permissions, assign a different event listener, or specify an action to take in the event of an error condition or exception during workflow execution. You can also turn on workflow revision history, and from that point on, track its revision history or revert to previously-saved versions of the workflow.

To display a workflow's properties, open the workflow and click the Properties toolbar button .


The General tab shows the name of the workflow, and indicates who created or last modified it, along with the date and time it was last modified.


The Security tab displays a list of any groups or users who have access to the workflow you selected, and indicates which permissions those users or groups have for that workflow. You can also use this tab to add, change, or remove user permissions for a particular workflow. See Workflow permissions.


The Events tab shows which event sources trigger this workflow, including any forms or states in a state transition map.

Exception handling

The Exception handling tab lets you specify an action to take when an exception is encountered during the execution of this workflow process. You can send an e-mail message (based on an e-mail template) to a designated recipient, or you can automatically launch another workflow, or both.

Revision history

The Revision history tab lets you enable and manage revision tracking for workflow changes in the designer. Once enabled, the revision history also lets you revert to any of the stored workflow revisions. See Workflow revision histories.