Asset and form data lists

Asset and form data lists provide data to form controls such as combo boxes, single record boxes, and tables. When you create one of these controls on a form, one of the control properties is the data list that you want to use to populate the control.

There are two types of asset data lists you can create:

To create a data list
  1. In the navigation pane, click the Asset tab or the Form tab and open the Data lists pane.
  2. Create a folder for the new data list or use an existing folder.
  3. Right-click the folder you want to contain the view and click New data list > dynamic list or static list.
  4. Give the new data list a name and double-click it.
  5. Enter a Description.
  6. For static data lists, click Add and enter each item you want to appear in the list.
  7. For dynamic data lists, select the Source item and Display column from the source item that you want to appear in the list.
  8. In the toolbar, click the Save icon.

For more information, see Creating asset forms.