Tab visibility

Use Tab visibility to filter the tabs that Web console users see based on the values in an associated static list. Forms, assets, and supporting resources may contain combo boxes that are populated by a static list. Each item in such a static list can be associated with different tabs, and by default, all tabs are visible to all users. Tab visibility can reduce the number of visible tabs.

For example, in the screenshot below, the "Desktop" static list value has the Asset, Software, Procurement, and Receiving tabs associated with it. Therefore, in the Web console, a user who selects the Desktop value under the Computer type combo box will be able to see only those four tabs in the form.

NOTE: Do not hide tabs containing required fields. Users will not be able to see the hidden tabs and their required fields, and therefore not be able to save the form.

To associate visible tabs with static list items
  1. Create a static data list or use an existing list (under the Form tab > Data lists panel). Each item in the data list can be used to display different tabs in the specific form or asset view in the Web console.
  2. Add a combo box control to a given form or use an existing combo box in a form and assign it to the static list from step 1.
  3. Open an asset or form, and click Properties > Tab visibility.

    The data list associated with the asset or form is displayed in the Static list values box

  4. Click Hide or show tabs based on static list values to enable this feature.
  5. Click a static list value in the Static list values box.
  6. In the Associated tabs box, click the tabs you want Web console users to see.
  7. Repeat Steps 5-6 for each item in the static list.
  8. Click OK.