Configuring control points

You can configure the control points to make them available for monitoring in the approval workflow. The configuration of the control points associates the control points with the data owner, the alternative approver, the tags, and the review cycle.


You can associate the review cycle setting to the control point only if the date of entitlements import before the approval start is yet to arrive.

Make sure that you have at least one review cycle setting created before you configure a control point.

See Creating a review cycle setting.

To launch the Configure Control Points wizard

  1. Go to Manage > Entitlements > Control Points.

  2. From the table pane, right-click a control point and select Configure Control Point.

To configure the data owners

  1. In the Configure Data Owners panel, type a description.

    The description is optional.

  2. Under the Data owner details section, click Browse and select a data owner to associate with the control points.

    You can use the Clear option to remove the associated data owner.

    The user that you select as a data owner is a primary data owner.

  3. Select Enable Alternative Approver to allow the secondary data owner to approve the control points in the absence of the primary data owner.

    The assignment of the alternative approver is an optional step.

  4. Under the Alternative approver details section, click Browse and select a user as an alternative approver.

  5. Click Next.

To assign tags to the control points

  1. In the Assign Tags panel, click Add.

  2. In the Select Tags dialog, select a tag from the Tags node and click Add.

  3. Click OK.

  4. In the Assign Tags panel, click Next.

To configure a review cycle

  1. In the Specify Review Cycle Details panel, select one of the following:

    No Review Required

    Lets you choose not to associate the control point with any review cycle.

    The selected control points do not follow the approval-based reviews.

    Retain Existing Review Cycle

    Lets you retain the existing review cycle.

    This option is enabled only if the control points have the previous review cycles configured.

    Assign a New Review Cycle

    Lets you select a review cycle from the existing review cycles.

  2. Click Next.

To assign a new review cycle

  1. In the Assign a Review Cycle panel, select a review cycle setting from the existing review cycles to associate with the control points.

  2. Click Next.

  3. In the Summary panel, click Finish.

See Control points.

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