Marking an asset as a control point

An asset that is marked as a control point appears in the Entitlements > Control Points view.

You can mark only the following asset types as control points:

See Control points.


You cannot mark Windows Machines, UNIX Machines, SQL Servers, and Oracle Servers as control points.

To mark an asset as a control point

  1. Go to Manage > Assets > Asset System.

  2. In the table pane, right-click the asset that you want to mark as a control point.

  3. Select Mark as Control Point.

  4. In case you mark an asset that belongs to Oracle, SQL, or ESM platforms as a control point, you must select the entitlement type.

    See Control point type and entitlement type.

  5. In the Entitlement Type Selector dialog box, select one or more entitlement types and click OK.

  6. In the confirmation message box, click OK.

  7. Go to Manage > Entitlements > Control Points and verify the control point in the table pane.

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