Control points

A control point is the data location in the system at which the access permissions are granted and approved. You can mark an asset that is imported into the Control Compliance Suite system as a control point.

Consider the following directory structure:




C:\Data\Accounting\Site 01

C:\Data\Accounting\Site 02

C:\Data\Accounting\Site 03

In the directory structure, the permissions for the Accounting folder are assigned at the data location, C:\Data\Accounting. The rights that are assigned at this point in the directory are also assigned down to any file or folder that exists under this directory. You can assign additional rights lower in this directory for a specific file or a folder. The file is the lowest level of control point.

You can also define a control point for a group. A group of users can have the same type of permissions for a certain directory or a file.


You cannot mark Windows Machines or UNIX Machines as control points.

The entitlements system supports certain predefined asset types as control point types. In addition to the supported asset types, the entitlements cannot be imported for any custom asset type that you create. But, the entitlements system supports an extended predefined asset type that is supported as a control point type.

The entitlements system lets you mark the following asset types as control points:

The entitlements system supports the following entitlement types:

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