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HP ProLiant Firmware Maintenance CD overview

The HP ProLiant Firmware Maintenance CD provides a collection of firmware for your ProLiant servers and options. Beginning with the Firmware Maintenance CD 7.50, the HP Smart Update Manager utility enables you to deploy firmware components from a single, easy-to-use interface that is supported in both Microsoft® Windows® and Linux environments. This utility enables legacy support of existing firmware components while simplifying the firmware deployment process. The CD also provides installation logic and version control that check for dependencies, installing only the correct updates for optimal system configuration.

To deploy the Firmware Maintenance CD contents, see "Online deployment" and "Offline deployment."

CAUTION: The Firmware Maintenance CD and its contents should be used only by individuals who are experienced and knowledgeable in their use. Before using HP Smart Update Manager to update firmware, be sure to back up the target server and take all other necessary precautions so that mission-critical systems are not disrupted if a failure occurs.

HP Smart Update Manager stores host and group information from session to session. However, user names, passwords, and existing credentials are not stored.