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External simplex SCSI cable option

The external SCSI cable configuration allows the unused SCSI port on the system board to be routed externally through a PCI slot. This option is only available if the server is operating in simplex mode.

  1. Power down the server.
  2. Extend the server from the rack.
  3. Remove the access panel.
  4. Remove the front fan bracket.
  5. Remove the PCI riser cage.
  6. Install the external simplex SCSI cable.

    CAUTION: Always route the optional external simplex SCSI cable to avoid interference with the fan assembly or PCI riser cage installation.

    CAUTION: To maintain proper airflow and to prevent thermal damage, do not block the fans with server cabling.

    External simplex SCSI cabling

  7. Install the PCI riser cage.
  8. Install the front fan bracket.
  9. Install the access panel.