What's new in Backup Exec

This release of Backup Exec includes the following new features and capabilities:

Table: New features and capabilities in Backup Exec

New feature


Backup Exec SmartLink for Windows Essential Business Server

Lets you manage your Backup Exec media servers from Microsoft's Windows Essential Business Server Administration Console. You can manage local and remote media servers, managed media servers, and central administration servers. You can create, modify, and monitor backup and restore jobs from the Windows Essential Business Server Administration Console. In addition, you can open the Backup Exec administration console in a separate window to perform additional functions.

MySupport Link in the Backup Exec Assistant

Lets you access MySupport, the Symantec Online case submission tool.

First-time start up wizard videos

Enables you to view videos in the tech center. The videos provide tips for getting started with many of Backup Exec's most common features.

Diagnostic support tools

Lets you run the Gather Utility and Debug Monitor directly from Backup Exec's Tools menu.

Knowledge Base search integration

Provides a direct link from Backup Exec to Symantec's knowledge base, which makes it easier to find solutions for problems.

Agent for Microsoft Virtual Server

Lets you do the following:

  • Back up and restore the configuration settings for the virtual server host, which is the physical computer that runs the virtual server software.

  • Back up and restore all virtual machines, which are the virtual computers that reside on the virtual server host.

  • Back up and restore selected online and offline virtual machines.

  • Redirect restores of the virtual machines to a different virtual server host or virtual machine.

See About the Agent for Microsoft Virtual Servers.

Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure

Lets you back up and restore the online virtual machines that use VMware ESX or VirtualCenter. You can restore a virtual machine to its original location, or redirect it to another virtual server.

See About the Agent for VMware.

Remote Media Agent for Linux Servers

Lets you back up data to and restore data from the following devices:

  • Storage devices that are directly attached to a Linux server.

  • A folder on a hard disk on the Linux server.

See About the Remote Media Agent.

Storage Provisioning Option

Lets you configure, manage, and monitor a storage array that is attached to the media server. A wizard guides you through the configuration of the storage array. The wizard creates the virtual disks that Backup Exec uses as job destination devices on the storage array. The Storage Provisioning Option monitors disk usage trends to send alerts when low disk space occurs on the storage arrays. Disk usage trends also provide information about whether the current disk space is sufficient, and when you should add disk space.

See About the Storage Provisioning Option.

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