What's new in Backup Exec agents and options

This release of Backup Exec includes the following new features and capabilities in the agents and options:

Table: New features and capabilities in Backup Exec agents and options

Agent or option

New feature

Agent for Microsoft SQL Server

Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition-initiated software compression.

Remote Agent for Windows Systems

Provides the upgrade utility, which lets you deploy updates simultaneously to multiple RAWS servers. Additionally, you can create a custom file with the deployment information so that you can repeat the process whenever an update is necessary.

SharePoint Agent

Lets you restore individual SharePoint components without the need to recover the entries database.

You can now restore any of the following items:

  • Top-level sites

  • Sub sites

  • Lists

  • List items

  • Calendar items

If you use versioning in SharePoint, you can select the version of the component you want to restore.

Additionally, the agent can restore SharePoint object security.

NDMP Option

Lets you do the following:

  • Select files and directories to exclude from NDMP backup jobs.

  • Share tape devices between a Backup Exec media server and a NAS device. You can share tape devices between single or multiple media servers and NAS devices. In addition, you can mix NDMP data with non-NDMP data in the same backup job.

  • Select the backup method and backup type for EMC backup jobs. Also lets you enable file history, enable tape silvering, and back up data with integrated checkpoints.

  • Back up a NAS device to the following locations:

    • A backup-to-disk device on a Backup Exec media server.

    • A tape device that is attached to a Backup Exec media server.

    In addition, you can restore data from a device on a Backup Exec media server to a NAS device.

Agent for Lotus Domino Server

Enables you to protect an x64 Domino installation on an x64 Windows operating systems.

Agent for DB2

Supports DB2 9.1 and DB2 9.5.