About DBA-initiated jobs for DB2 operations

Backup Exec supports DBA-initiated backup, restore, redirected restore, and recovery of DB2 databases.

The Backup Exec DB2 Agent installs the following files:

Table: Files that are installed with the DB2 Agent



The vendor dll file db2sqluv.dll and the user exit program db2uext2.exe

These files are installed in the Windows System Directory. The Windows System Directory may have a pathname such as:

C:\winnt\system32 or D:\windows\system32.

On the DB2 Control Center, if you use a vendor library or a user exit program as a method for archiving log files, then db2sqluv.dll and db2uext2.exe are used by default.

See Using the DB2 database archive logging methods.

A configuration file named db2.conf

This file includes specifications for redirected restore jobs and roll forward operations. The Backup Exec vendor dll file and user exit program use the information in this file.

The db2.conf file is installed to the following location on the media server:

\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\db2.conf

The db2.conf file is installed to the following location on the remote DB2 server:

\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\RAWS\db2.conf

See About the db2.conf file.

Example scripts for backup and restore operations

These example scripts are available for you to run at the DB2 command line processor.

These scripts are installed to the following location:

\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\scripts\DB2

Review the following notes before you run DBA-initiated jobs for DB2:

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