Using the DB2 database archive logging methods

DB2 supports the user exit and VENDOR methods for archiving its log files. Backup Exec provides a user exit program and a vendor dll file to support these methods. When the you use the user exit method, Backup Exec backs up the archive logs by using the user exit program named db2uext2.exe. When you use the VENDOR method, Backup Exec backs up the archive logs by using the Backup Exec vendor dll file named db2sqluv.dll.

Before you can use the user exit or VENDOR method, you must add information in the Remote Agent Utility about the DB2 instances that contain the following:

You must also add the DB2 server name that contains these instances to the media server's list of DB2 servers and authentication credentials.

If you use archive logging for DB2 databases, you must create a Backup Exec DBA-initiated job settings template that is used exclusively by archive logging jobs. This job template must specify destination storage devices that are different than the devices that are specified in the job template that is used for database backups. You must add the name of the DBA-initiated job settings template for archive logs in the Remote Agent Utility.

Some errors for DBA-initiated jobs that use the vendor dll file db2sqluv.dll are described in the following table:

Table: Errors that may occur while using db2sqluv.dll




Backup Exec could not find the logon account information that is required for database access. Ensure that the information has been updated in the media server's list of authentication credentials.


See the Application log in the Windows Event Viewer for details about the error.

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