About troubleshooting DB2

What should I do if roll forward operations fail when I redirect a restore of DB2?

For complete recovery of databases for which archive logging is used, you must restore both the database and the archived logs. This operation is known as roll forward. If you used the VENDOR method, then db2sqluv.dll is located in the Windows system directory. This directory can be located in different paths, such as:

C:\winnt\system32 or D:\windows\system32

Information about the archival method and the location of the db2sqluv.dll is in each backup of the database. If you restore the backup to another computer, the information about the location of the db2sqluv.dll points to the same path that is on the source computer. However, the computer that you redirected the restore to may have a different path for the Windows system directory. For example, on the source computer, the db2sqluv.dll may be located in the Windows system directory, in the path:


On the computer that you redirect the restore to, the Windows system directory may use another path, such as:


When you run the roll forward on the restored database, DB2 attempts to run db2sqluv.dll from the Windows system directory path on the source computer. The roll forward fails because the db2sqluv.dll is not located in that path. To run a successful roll forward, db2sqluv.dll must exist in the same path on source and destination computers.