Backing up Lotus Domino databases

When a Lotus Domino backup job is submitted, Backup Exec uses Lotus Domino APIs to obtain the backup of the database. The transaction logs associated with the Lotus Domino databases are automatically included in the backup and are stored in a separate backup set within the Lotus Domino database backup set.


During a standard file system backup of a Lotus Notes server, Backup Exec actively excludes the transaction logs. These transaction logs are backed up when they are included in a Lotus Notes server backup job using the Lotus Domino Agent. To disable the transaction log exclusion, see the Symantec Technical Support Web site for details

The Lotus Domino Agent supports the backup of the following types of files:

You must back up .nsf, .ntf, and .box files to properly recover Lotus Domino databases. If you want to back up .njf, .ncf, .id, .dic, or notes.ini files, you must select them for backup from the volume in which the Lotus Domino Program directory is located.


You cannot back up databases to devices that are attached to a computer on which the Remote Media Agent for Linux Servers is installed.

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