Selecting restore options for Lotus Domino databases

This procedure details how to select restore job properties for Lotus Domino databases, and provides definitions for Domino-specific restore options.

When you select a Lotus Domino backup set to restore, all database files and necessary transaction logs are automatically restored. You can also choose to restore specific database files.

To select restore job properties for Lotus Domino databases

  1. On the navigation bar, click the arrow next to Restore.

  2. Click New Restore Job.

  3. On the Properties pane, under Settings, click Lotus Domino.

  4. Select the appropriate options as follows:

    Seconds to wait for the database to go offline

    Enter the number of seconds for the restore process to wait for a database that is in use. When a Lotus database is restored it must first be taken offline. This will ensure that the database is not being accessed, closed, or deleted while the restore operation is being processed. If the database is still in use and cannot be taken offline after the specified wait time, the restore will fail.

    Retain original IDs

    Select this option to restore the original database IDs.

    Assign new database ID

    Select this option to assign new IDs to the database.

    Assign new database ID and replica ID

    Select this option to assign new IDs to the database. A replica ID is used to synchronize two or more databases that are being replicated in the Lotus Domino environment. You can assign a new replica ID during a restore to prevent other databases under replication from overwriting the restored database files.

    Point in time restore

    Select this option to enter a date and time in which to restore the database. The option is only available for logged databases when the archive logging style is set. Backup Exec will restore the Lotus Domino database you selected in the Restore selections dialog box and then automatically restore the necessary transaction logs required to bring the databases up to the date and time specified.

    If a point in time is not specified, the databases will be restored up to the last committed transactions in the log file.

    This option may require additional time since the archived transaction logs are also restored.

    If your Lotus Domino database is replicated, the databases on each computer must have identical database and replica IDs. If you want to ensure that the databases continue to be replicated after the restore, select the Retain original IDs option.

  5. Start the restore job or select other options from the Properties pane.

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