How Granular Recovery Technology works with the Exchange Information Store

Backup Exec Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) lets you restore individual items from an Information Store backup without having to restore the whole backup. You should review the requirements for a GRT-enabled backup before you configure it.

You can also enable GRT when you create an offhost backup for the Information Store. Offhost backup lets Backup Exec move the backup process from the host computer to the Backup Exec media server. The host computer is the remote computer that contains the volumes that you selected for backup. To run a GRT-enabled offhost backup, you must install the Backup Exec Advanced Disk-based Option on the media server.


In previous versions of Backup Exec, individual Exchange mailboxes were backed up separately from the Information Store so that individual mailboxes could be restored. These legacy backup options are enabled by default only if you upgrade from a previous Backup Exec version and jobs for mailbox backups already exist.

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