About the Desktop Agent Console

The Desktop Agent Console is the user interface for the Desktop Agent. The DLO administrator controls access to the Desktop Agent Console.


To ensure that you have the latest status and settings at any time while using the Desktop Agent, use the Refresh feature.

The DLO administrator may choose from the following:

Table: User interface options for the Desktop Agent



Display the complete interface

Enables desktop users to access all Desktop Agent options

Display only the status

Enables desktop users to view the status of backup jobs, but they cannot change Desktop Agent settings or access options other than status. Desktop users can right-click the system tray icon to open the status view or exit the program.

Display only the system tray icon

The desktop user sees only the Desktop Agent icon in the system tray in the lower right corner of the screen. Desktop users can right-click the system tray icon to exit the program.

Do not display anything

The Desktop Agent runs in the background. The desktop user cannot view the Desktop Agent.

The Desktop Agent Console has the following components:

Table: Desktop Agent Console features



Menu bar

The menu bar appears across the top of the screen. To display a menu, click the menu name. Some menu items are not available until an item is selected from the console screen.

Tasks bar

The Tasks bar appears on the left side of the Desktop Agent Console. To hide the Tasks bar, from the View menu, select Tasks Bar. Actions are initiated from the tasks bar, and these actions vary with the selected view.

Views menu

The Views menu appears in the Tasks bar and enables you to navigate to the following views:

Tasks menu

Actions are initiated from the tasks menu. These actions vary with the selected view.

Tools menu

Includes Options, which enables you to do the following: