About using the Desktop Agent to back up your data

When data is backed up by the Desktop Agent, it is transferred to the user data folder on the desktop's local drive. Then, the data is transferred to a network user data folder, which is assigned by the DLO Administrator. Network user data folders are typically also backed up by Backup Exec, which provides an additional level of protection.


If you try to connect to a server using characters in the share name that do not exist on the code page for the local system, the connection fails. Code pages map character codes to individual characters, and are typically specific to a language or group of languages.

See About using DLO to back up Outlook PST files incrementally.

See About restoring Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder files.

Select files that you want to protect from the Backup Selections view. The DLO administrator assigns the initial backup selections. However, if the DLO administrator has set your profile to view the complete Desktop Agent and modify settings, then you can choose your backup selections.

You can change Desktop Agent settings and backup selections when you work offline. The settings are stored until you are working online, at which time they are automatically transferred. If the administrator has also made changes that conflict with the changes made on the Desktop Agent, the administrator's changes are used.

You can view and modify backup selections using two views: standard and advanced. The standard view lists the contents of your local drives, allowing you to check off files and folders to be backed up. It also uses default backup selection settings to add new selections. The advanced view provides more configuration options for selections.

A backup selection consists of the following items: