Upgrading an existing CASO central administration server

The central administration server must be upgraded before any managed media servers are upgraded.

See Upgrading an existing CASO installation.

Before upgrading Backup Exec, run a database maintenance job to delete job histories and catalogs that you no longer need in order to shorten the upgrade window.

See Configuring database maintenance.


Symantec recommends that you stop all Backup Exec services on each managed media server before you upgrade the central administration server.

To upgrade an existing central administration server

  1. Verify that the latest service pack for Backup Exec 12 is installed.

  2. Place all scheduled jobs on hold on the central administration server and the managed media servers.

    See Placing all scheduled occurrences of an active job on hold.

  3. Allow all active jobs to complete.

  4. From the installation CD browser, select the option to install Symantec Backup Exec.

  5. On the Welcome panel, click Next.

  6. Select I accept the terms of the license agreement, and then click Next.

  7. Check Local Install, and then click Install Backup Exec software and options.

  8. Click Next.

  9. Do one of the following:

    If you have serial numbers for Backup Exec and its options

    Do the following in the order listed:

    • Go to https://licensing.symantec.com to activate the product.

      After you activate the product, Symantec sends license keys to you. License keys are required to install Backup Exec and its options. You can access the Web site from any computer that has Internet access.

    • When you receive your license keys, go to step 10.

    If you have license keys for Backup Exec and its options

    Go to step 10.

  10. Enter the license key for the Central Administration Server Option, and for each Backup Exec option that you want to install, and then click Next.

    Read the Installation Review. To add additional license keys, click Back until the Symantec Backup Exec License Keys page is displayed. Enter the license keys, and then click Next to continue.

    The default location is C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec.

  11. On the Back Up Existing Catalog and Data page, enter or browse to a directory to which all existing catalogs and data will be backed up. The default location is:

    C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Data

    If you do not want to keep previous catalogs and data, click Do not back up previous data and catalogs.

  12. Click Next to continue.

    An upgrade summary is displayed. When the upgrade is complete, communication with the managed media servers is automatically enabled.

  13. Release all jobs from hold.

    See Placing all scheduled occurrences of an active job on hold.

  14. Upgrade some or all of the managed media servers.