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RUN Table


Execution records for test instances.


Multiple values for fields are maintained in the RUN_MULTIVALUE Table.


  Column Name Description Datatype Length Allow
  RN_TESTCYCL_ID The TESTCYCL.TC_TESTCYCL_ID of the test instance. Integer 4  
  RN_CYCLE_ID The CYCLE.CY_CYCLE_ID of the test set containing the test instance. Integer 4  
  RN_TEST_ID The TEST.TS_TEST_ID of the design test from which the instance is derived. Integer 4  
Primary Key  RN_RUN_ID The record ID. Integer 4  
  RN_RUN_NAME The name assigned to the test run by the tester. VarChar 255
  RN_EXECUTION_DATE The date on which the test instance run was performed. DBTimeStamp 4
  RN_EXECUTION_TIME The time at which the run was performed according to the database server clock. VarChar 10
  RN_HOST The name or IP address of the host server on which the test was executed. VarChar 50
  RN_STATUS The current status of the test run.  The values are from the Status custom list.
Typical values are: Not Completed, No Run, Passed, N/A, Failed.
VarChar 70
  RN_DURATION The duration of the test run in seconds. Integer 4
  RN_TESTER_NAME The user name of the person who last executed the test. VarChar 60
  RN_PATH The path of this run relative to the test directory (TEST.TS_PATH) in the server repository. VarChar 255
  RN_USER_01 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  RN_USER_02 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  RN_USER_03 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  RN_USER_04 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  RN_USER_05 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  RN_USER_06 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  RN_USER_07 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  RN_USER_08 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  RN_USER_09 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  RN_USER_10 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  RN_USER_11 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  RN_USER_12 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  RN_TEST_VERSION The version of the application being tested. Integer 4
  RN_ATTACHMENT A value of Y indicates that the run has at least one attachment. VarChar 1
  RN_RUN_VER_STAMP The revision number of this record. Increments each time a the record is updated. Integer 4
  RN_VTS The version time stamp. Indicates the time according to the database server clock at which this record was last updated. VarChar 20
  RN_CYCLE For backward compatibility. Field may be removed in future version. VarChar 255
  RN_TEST_INSTANCE The number of this instance of the design test inside the cycle. If the test is run individually, this field will still show which instance was selected to run. Integer 4  
  RN_OS_NAME The name of the operating system on which the test run is running. The value is from the Operating System custom list. VarChar 70
  RN_OS_SP Information about the operating system of the computer on which current run was executed. VarChar 70
  RN_OS_BUILD Information about the operating system of the computer on which current run was executed. VarChar 70
  RN_VC_LOKEDBY The name of the user who locked the test in Version Control engine. VarChar 255
  RN_VC_STATUS The version control status of the test instance at the time of execution. The value is from the VC Status custom list. Typical values are checked_out, checked_in, or Read_only. VarChar 50
  RN_VC_VERSION The version control test instance version at the time of execution. VarChar 50
  RN_OS_CONFIG For future use. VarChar 40
  RN_ASSIGN_RCYC The RELEASE_CYCLES.RCYC_ID of the release cycle with which the run is associated. Integer 4


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