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Details of the design test from the test plan module.


A test plan subject is a conceptual unit of testing. A subject acts as a folder for other subjects and for tests. The folder structure for test plan subjects is in the ALL_LISTS Table where test folders are descended from the record where ALL_LISTS.AL_DESCRIPTION = 'Subject'. The link from the TEST record to the test folder is the TS_SUBJECT field.

To see test coverage of requirements, use the REQ_COVER Table.

Design tests are linked to design steps with DESSTEPS.DS_TEST_ID.

Tests are linked to test sets in the TESTCYCL Table.

Tests are linked to test runs with RUN.RN_TEST_ID.

Tests are linked to actual run parameter values with the STEP_PARAMSRUN, and CYCLE tables where To_number(STEP_PARAMS.SP_KEY) = RUN.RN_RUN_ID AND TEST.TS_TEST_ID = RUN.RN_TEST_ID AND RUN.RN_CYCLE_ID = CYCLE.CY_CYLE_ID.

Multiple values for fields are maintained in the TEST_MULTIVALUE Table.

For table relationships, , see the Test Plan Module Overview.


  Column Name Description Datatype Length Allow
Primary Key  TS_TEST_ID The record ID. Integer 4  
  TS_NAME The name of the test. VarChar 255
  TS_STEPS The number of design steps in the test. Integer 4
  TS_PATH The path of this test relative to the Tests directory in the server repository, whether on the file system or in a database.

This is the location for automatic scripts linked to the test. To get the script files, use the Open Test Architecture API.

VarChar 255
  TS_SUBJECT The ALL_LISTS.AL_ITEM_ID of the test plan subject folder in which the test resides. Integer 4
  TS_STATUS The test’s current status.

The values are from the Plan Status custom list.
Typical values are: Ready, Design, Imported, Repair.

VarChar 70
  TS_RESPONSIBLE The user responsible for implementing the test. VarChar 60
  TS_CREATION_DATE The date on which the test was created. DBTimeStamp 4
  TS_DESCRIPTION A description of the test. LongVarChar 16
  TS_TYPE The type of test. For a description of possible test types, see The Quality Center Open Test Architecture API Reference . VarChar 70
  TS_TIMEOUT For backward compatibility. Field may be removed in future version. Integer 4
  TS_ATTACHMENT A value of Y indicates that the test has at least one attachment. VarChar 1
  TS_RUNTIME_DATA For backward compatibility. Field may be removed in future version. VarChar 255
  TS_USER_01 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_02 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_03 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_04 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_05 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_06 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_07 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_08 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_09 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_10 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_11 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_12 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_HR_01 TS_USER_HR_01 to TS_USER_HR_08 are for backward compatibility. Fields may be removed in future version. Integer 4
  TS_ESTIMATE_DEVTIME The time estimated to develop the test. Integer 4
  TS_TEST_VER_STAMP The revision number of this record. Increments each time the record is updated. Integer 4
  TS_EXEC_STATUS The execution status of the test. The values are from the Status custom list.
Typical values are: Not Completed, No Run, Passed, N/A, Failed.
VarChar 70
  TS_TEMPLATE A value of Y indicates that  this test is a template test. VarChar 1
  TS_STEP_PARAM For backward compatibility. Field may be removed in future version. Integer 4
  TS_VTS The version time stamp of the last record update according to the database server clock. VarChar 20
  TS_VC_CUR_VER The last checked-in version of the test. Used by the Version Control engine. VarChar 50
  TS_USER_13 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_14 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_15 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_16 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_17 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_18 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_19 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_20 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_21 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_22 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_23 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_USER_24 User-defined field. VarChar 40
  TS_TEXT_SYNC For internal use. Do not change data. VarChar 1
  TS_DEV_COMMENTS Comments about the test design, usually by the developer. LongVarChar 16


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