Quality Center Database

Quality Center Database


Quality Center data.


The project database stores system information, some user information, and information produced while using the Quality Center modules.

The Requirements Module

Requirements data is stored primarily in the REQ Table. For more details, see the Requirements Module Overview.

The Test Plan Module

In the Test Plan module, the user defines the subjects to be tested and designs tests that relate to each test. The main table is the TEST Table. For more details, see the Test Plan Module Overview.

The Test Lab Module

In the Test Lab Module, the user organizes design tests in ordered groups called Test Sets that will usually run as a testing unit. The main table is the CYCLE Table. For more details, see the Test Lab Module Overview.

The Business Components Module

In the Business Components Module, subject matter experts create high-level components that represent steps in the business process. The main table is the COMPONENT Table. For more details, see the Business Process Overview.

The Defect Module

In the defect module, QA engineers and others report problems with the application, such as test run failures and incidentally observed problems. The main table is the BUG Table. For more details, see the Defect Module Overview.

The Releases Module

The Releases module handles information about releases and development cycles. Release information is stored in several tables, depending on the subject. See the Releases Overview.

The Customization Module

The Customization module handles meta-properties for a project. Customization is stored in several tables, depending on the subject. See the Customization Overview.


Changes to data are tracked in the AUDIT_LOG and AUDIT_PROPERTIES Tables.

Alerts and Reminders

Alerts are maintained in the ALERT and RULES Tables.

This database reference is provided for informational purposes. Mercury reserves the right to change the database structure and does not commit to preserving compatibility between Quality Center versions.



Table Description
ACTIONS Permissions on user actions performed from the user interface.
ALERT Information for managing automatic alerts and user-defined follow ups.
ALL_LISTS System and custom lists and folder trees.
AUDIT_LOG Events on which history is recorded.
AUDIT_PROPERTIES Details of the changes recorded in the AUDIT_LOG table.
BP_ITER_PARAM The design-time value of a business component parameter for a specific iteration.
BP_ITERATION The order of component iterations in a test.
BP_PARAM Associates a parameter to a test and component.
BP_STEP_PARAM Values of business component parameters with relation to run steps.
BPTEST_TO_COMPONENTS Iteration settings and order of execution for Business Process Components in the context of the design tests that contain them.
BUG Information about defects.
BUG_MULTIVALUE Multiple values for defect records.
BUG_TOKENS An associative table linking defects and tokens.
CACHE The Cache table is for internal use. Do not change data.
COMMON_SETTINGS User settings and third party data.
COMPONENT Business Process Components.
COMPONENT_FOLDER Business Process Component Folders.
COMPONENT_STEP Steps of Business Process Components.
COMPONENT_STEP_PARAMS An associative table linking the Business Process Component steps to their parameters.
CROS_REF Attachments.
CYCL_FOLD The test set folder tree.
CYCLE Test sets.
CYCLE_MULTIVALUE Multiple values for test set records.
DATACONST Global project constants.
DESSTEPS A single step of a Design Test in Test Plan module.
EXTENSIONS The Quality Center extensions that are enabled for this project.
FRAMEWORK_PARAM Parameters for Business Process Components.
GROUPS Groups of users with a common set of privileges.
HOST_GROUP Logical groups of computers.
HOST_IN_GROUP An associative table that links HOSTS with HOST_GROUPs.
HOSTS Computers on the network.
LINK Associations between defects and other entities.
LOCKS Locks to control access to the same item by different user sessions. For internal use. Do not change values in this table.
MAILCOND Rules for sending defect notifications to individual users.
MODULES Permissions by group for accessing modules in the user interface.
RBT_CUSTOMIZATION Risk-based quality management settings.
RBT_CUSTOMIZATION_ANSWERS Possible values for risk-based quality management criteria.
RBT_CUSTOMIZATION_QUESTIONS Risk-based quality management criteria.
RELEASE_CYCLES Details of cycles. A release can contain a number of cycles.
RELEASE_FOLDERS Folders for release records.
RELEASE_MULTIVALUE Multiple values for release records.
RELEASECYCLE_MULTIVALUE Multiple values for release cycle records.
RELEASEFOLDER_MULTIVALUE Multiple values for release folder records.
RELEASES Information about a product release.
REPOSITORY Storage for database simulation of file system.
REQ Details of individual requirements and the structure of the requirements tree.
REQ_COVER An associative table linking requirements to the design tests and test instances in test sets that cover the requirements.
REQ_CYCLES An associative table linking requirements to release cycles.
REQ_MULTIVALUE Multiple values for requirement records.
REQ_RELEASES An associative table linking requirements to releases.
REQ_TRACE Associations between requirements.
REQ_TYPE Types of requirements.
REQ_TYPE_FIELD Specifies which fields are required for each requirement type.
REQ_TYPE_HIER_RULES The hierarchy rules for requirement types in the requirement tree. For internal use. Do not change values in this table.
RULES Conditions for generating automatic alerts.
RUN Execution records for test instances.
RUN_MULTIVALUE Multiple values for run records.
RUNTIME_PARAM Parameters defined at design time for Business Process Tests.
SEQUENCES A system table to manage IDs and other system numerators. Do not change values in this table.
STEP Test steps performed during a test instance runs.
STEP_PARAMS Parameters for executing manual tests.
SYSTEM_FIELD Meta-data about data fields in other tables. Stores settings from project entity customizations and system defaults.
SYSTRANSLATE For backward compatablity. This table may be removed in future versions.
TABLES Permissions by user group to change data.
TEST Details of the design test from the test plan module.
TEST_MULTIVALUE Multiple values of test records.
TEST_VC_INFO Used internally by version control plug-in. Do not change values in this table.
TESTCYCL Instances of design tests in test sets.
TESTCYCL_MULTIVALUE Multiple values of test cycle - test instance records.
TO_ALERT For internal use. Do not change data in this table.
TOKENS Assists in searching for similar defects.
TRAN_RULES Permitted status changes per group.
USERS System users who can access this project.
VC_CROS_REF Version control table for attachments.
VC_DESSTEPS Version control table for design steps.
VC_STEP_PARAMS Version Control table for step parameters.
VC_TEST Version control table for tests.

Details of the design test from the test plan module.

VC_TEST_MULTIVALUE Multiple values for records of tests under version control.
VER_CTRL Version control locking.

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