In the SSH page, you can set the general settings of SSH protocol.

Protocol Versions

Select an SSH protocol you want to use. SSH2 provides better security and more functionalities than SSH1.

Use Xagent (SSH agent) for Passphrase handling

Select this option to use Xagent. Xagent saves you effort of entering passphrases during the public key user authentication process.

Launch Xagent automatically

Select this check box when you want to launch Xagent automatically. With this option selected, Xshell starts Xagent when required.

Use zlib compression

Select this check box to compress all data traffic over an SSH connection. A compression method will provide better performance in a slow network environment.

Don't allocate a terminal

Select this check box when you don't want to open a terminal. Use this option if you want to use tunneling only without terminal access.