Xmanager supports host-based access control and also supports the public key user authentication method using Xstart with the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol.

Host-based access control manages a trusted hosts list, and only the X applications on the trusted hosts can connect to Xmanager. For an unauthorized X application, Xmanager posts a warning dialog box to allow the connection or not. Even though the host-based access control can prevent connections from unauthorized users, the network packets between Xmanager and X applications are not encrypted and vulnerable to intrusion. For more information about host-based access control, see Security tab.

Xmanager also supports SSH protocol for better security. The SSH connection is available for Xstart sessions and Secure XDMCP sessions.

Xmanager offers password and public key user authentication along with a public key generation wizard. Xmanager shares the host key and user key database with Xshell and Xftp programs. Therefore, once you have created a user key, Xmanager can use it without further configuration steps. For more information about public key authentication, see User Keys dialog box.